Saturday, March 16, 2024

The Fabric of Space

 The Fabric of Space is a Semi-Solid like a Foam .

Think of this Truchet FBM Lace toy by Fenix to get a feeling:

1. Currents in the edges.

2. When a junction is open current can pass.

3. Depending on the Force of the current a Bubble/Field can Expend or Shrink.

We can model this foam with a tri/tet mesh.

4. When there is a lot of current in ‘voronoi’ edge Y between A,B than the ‘delaunay’ edge between A-B contracts, otherwise it expands.

The diagram below shows the different parts of calculating the Gates, using a Graph Network to calculate the flow in all the Edges, and finally how the mesh contracts or expands at different parts.

Note, the idea is that by using a small local tree this whole Graph-Network is no longer necessary, see next Local Tree Network post.