Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Boid Interaction Flow Chart

A rough flow chart setup of how a boid-interaction-system might be defined for particle interactions. 

Downloadable: flow_chart_800.pdf (115k) - FlowChart_guide.pdf (37k)

Friday, May 13, 2011


When electrons are attracted through vibrations of the positive suction power of protons in the nucleus of an atom, they start to generate a current-train of electrons, that spirals round the outside of the electric wires, towards their target.

While storming through the Aether the electrons compress at their centers, the relative free particles, that make up the Aether, stamping them into a new unity of jointed particles. A smoke rings production like process. These new particles have their own properties such as, forward movement and spin. Once formed, the emitted particles spiral away from the source (wire) and generate an electric field that surrounds the conductor.

When a coil is made and a current generated within, the puffed out particles that spiral away, collide with particles that are coming from opposite directions, due to the construction.

Because of a continuous inflow of puffed-out particles, a compression area between the wind-up wires is generated. It is here that pairs of opposite particles (light- & dark green) are pushed into each other. They entangle, break and melt into a new harmonious particles. These new particle have the shape of an 8 and start to spiral upward. It are Force particles transforming the coil into a magnet.

A smoke ring generator (zerotoys)

Additionally, the crystal structure of Magnetite has a similar a tight lined up pattern.

Note: I'm doubtful that the above concept of two opposite O-ring particles fusing into one 8 particle has any merit. But I'm leaving it in, because the puff-particles that are produced when an electron jumps from atom to atom, might be an interesting idea as they could cause some sort of helix / drag circuit by themselves.