Friday, March 29, 2024

Dynamic Foam Emerging from a Gas of Vibrating Particles

 The hypothesis is that the Dynamic Foam ...

... can emerge out of a gas of particles that have an attraction-repulsion force that's in-sync with their vibrational rhythm. 

The particles are spherical solitons going back and forth in size: 1 <---> 10
Their colour changes depending on their state:  Red (1) <---> Yellow (10)

They repel their neighbours while expanding (+) vs attract when contracting (-)

• Two neighbours with different timing can be contracting and attracting each other, but when one starts to expand again before the other, it will push that neighbour away -> chaos

• Two neighbours with the same timing are in harmony and bounce together -> spherical or linear group

Random --> Voronoi

Linear formation and pulsing edges.

Spherical groups (credit to Rawdy):

The initial condition of the gas are particles with a random timing where some are expanding while others are contracting:

Think of this distribution model in Unity: 

The idea is similar to these Spin Wheels: 

But those particles synchronise, losing their fixed period, like metronomes placed on a rolling table:

While the ‘unique' thing of my model is that all the particles keep their fixed period, and as a result we 'might' get pulses in the edges of the Voronoi mesh.