Sunday, April 30, 2023

OpenAI / Chat GPT Spiralled Torus as logo

 Cool to see that the hottest and most advanced company at the moment is using 'our' spiralled torus for their logo.

Sunday, March 26, 2023

3D *Simi* Dual Mesh with Compute Shader in Unity

Last year we got somewhat stuck with the upgrade of the 3D Dynamic Foam program in Julia (Voro-X) to a more performant 2.0 version. The reason is that there is no CGAL version (yet) for Julia to use as the backbone. 

So I decided to explore if a Compute Shader might be an option, because shaders use the full power of GPU's and can significantly increase the speed of simulations.

As such I got in touch with Polish developer Przemyslaw Zaworski to see if it was possible to get the Dynamic Foam model running with a Compute Shader in Unity.

The result is a *semi* 3D Dual Mesh simulator with a Delaunay Triangles/Tetrahedrons basis out of which a Semi-Voronoi-Mesh is distilled using the Jump Flooding Algorithm (JFA):

It is a *Semi* mesh because the Voronoi mesh is only a pixel/voxel-mesh and not a 'real' mesh made out of a conglomerate of points, edges and faces. As such it cannot be used to setup the interaction model between the two complimentary dual meshes (Delaunay/Voronoi). Perhaps in the future an actual Voronoi mesh can be extrapolated from the semi-Voronoi-mesh.

Here's a compilation video with more examples of the simulator:

An other option worth exploring might be Mesh-shaders