Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lift and Thrust (1st tryout in water)

A first tryout of the mechanical model in water. This clip is a compilation of 4 clips. Unfortunately the black tub isn't a good setting for visualization, and filming while handling the object at the same time didn't go very well either, so the quality is rather poor.

When switched on, the 'Spiraled Torus' spins around its center axis in a Counter Clock Wise (CCW) direction. When it was on the bottom it didn't lift. I had to pull it a bit and it started to move upwards. To set it back to the bottom, I had to apply some force, so it does generate thrust. Probably the space between the floor and the torus needs to be large enough so a current flow can be generated so the object can lift of the ground (see pic below) similarly to how swifts rarely land on the ground because their short feed, which makes it hard for them to take off.
In the last clip the direction of the current is changed and the object rotates Clock Wise (CW). When placed in the tub the construction moves towards the bottom, once pulled back up onto the surface, it rotated again downwards. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

3 Particle Proton

Let's say for that for a proton the snake-like trefoil knot is too far fetched. Than it still would be an interesting interaction canal system for a 3 particle interaction organism, with a top and two down quarks made up out of tori, and smaller tori moving in between serving as gluons. The whole mechanism would eject / emit 8-like positive charge particles that hook up electrons, along with much smaller gravity particles. Once an electron is captured, the mechanism is neutralized.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Eight figure ring

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Matter vs. Anti-matter

If gravitation is caused by a spinning 8 knot (formed out of squashed together tori), that acts like a little screw 'swimming' away from its origin, and generating a downwards push, than all these gravitational 8-shaped particles would have the same rotational direction (blue). Rotating in the opposite direction (red) wouldn't give them a chance to lift themselves from their generating source, actually they would screw downwards into the mother particle(and perhaps cause damage). This idea would also results in the concept that the universe full of identical spinning particles who travel through the Aether (Vacuum) applying some gravitational force. It would also mean that Matter that spins in an opposite direction wouldn't got a long lifespan as it doesn't go with the flow, leading to the occlusion of Anti-matter in the Universe.


The Curvish structure of the 8 has a lot away of the stitching of a Baseball or the lines on a Tennisball. In mathematics this curve falls roughly in the section of "Constant Curvature Curves" one can find a lot of information on this curve on the website of professor Palais et al and their program 3D-XplorMath that can be downloade for free at http://3D-XplorMath.org/index.html. The image below is made with this program and there is even the possibility to view it in 3D if you have a pair anaglyph glasses. http://virtualmathmuseum.org/SpaceCurves/constant_curvature/constant_curvature.html

Daren Scot Wilson on how he contructed the seam on a baseball

Winston Mitchell made the loop like I did, by using half circles

 Paul Bourke