Saturday, March 16, 2024

Physics of the Dynamic Foam

• In the beginning Space was a dense medium wherein vibrations appeared (Black -> white).

• The tiny vibrations are like gas-particles and Space became a dense misty cloud.

• At random points in this cloud the vibrations started to align and harmonise (blue).

• The expanding harmonious dots collided and form a pressure regions (red).

• A Voronoi pattern (foam) formed and the edges distributed the intense pressure.

• The pressure distribution can’t make <90°-turns and is cut-off at certain junctions.

• The strength of the currents in the edges affect the size of the cells: heating up vs. cooling down. Changing cells-sizes change consequentially the angles … and the mesh becomes dynamic.

• Stable fluctuations emerge that form strings that can turn into knots.

• Gradual pathways 'pinch' Space. 

It's like the idea of a Quantum Foam where particles pop into existence.

 Proposed by John Wheeler: