Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Getting something going

Rotating particles are fired into space, they spiral up, curving back to there starting point like a roulette and complete a full circle. Once the circle is completed the circle 'snaps off' and is 'launched' into space.

In the (8) ball concept the circle is a closed 8-circuit, that generates a sphere by rotation:

The rotating behavior would be as described in the topic below: From a Soliton to an (8)-ball.

Next the object would spin and swim through a 'ball pit', making the balls turn and shift place, causing waves in the bath. A programmed group of boid-particles taking the correct curve-trajectory and having the right physical properties to push the balls in the bath aside would be the way to go. A BGE/particles/boids/physics simulation might generate the correct automatism, to be continued.