Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Flow Switch

Depending on the angles flow can easily be split up ...

… or be blocked when the corners are too sharp for a ‘fluent’ passage.

A bit like this example of an aortic valve in a pig's heart that opens and shuts depending on the angles:


Continuous flow.

When the angle reaches 90°'s the flow is blocked and pressure drops at the center.

The flow stops, inverses and moves in the opposite direction.

Think of the Bernoulli Principle where fast flow generates lower pressure and suction.  When the angle of the pipes are larger than 90° then the air would be blown directly into the tank.

Changes in the dynamic foam will happen percentage wise. Smaller cooler bubbles have less intense surrounding flows. Relatively the interaction stay the same.


For the intensity of the currents you could think of siphoning where flow can move uphill, thanks to the pressure differences further down the line.

Or how flow can close a valve, something that isn’t possible with heat-transfer.

All in all it might like the crazy M.C. Escher’s waterfall design : )