Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Energy Exchange / Flow regulation

The underlying mechanism of my approach is that of a Dynamic-foam wherein knots can self-emerge. The uniqueness of this foam is that there are currents running between the bubbles. These currents are very energetic and self-organising like in Conway’s Game of Life: flows can block, merge or split. The second key element is that these currents transport heat around making some bubbles cool down and shrink, while others heat up and expand.

So I have been looking for a way to transforming my Bubbling mockup model into a mesh model, but with an energy exchange between the ‘temperature' of the Nodes and that of the surrounding Cells. A second feature would be a flow system where the temperature moves between the nodes from warm to cold.


• Mesh with Cells and Nodes
• Each Cell has a temperature based on its size
• The global temperature of each Node is based on the sum of its surrounding Cells
• Heat is diffused between the Nodes; from hot- to cold Nodes, along the Half-edges
• The new temperatures at the Nodes is updated after diffusion and fed back to the surrounding Cells.


• Flow vectors have a force value
• Connection angles at the Nodes have a regulating factor


• Currents form a circuit that affects the sizes of the Volumes
• Angles of the connected edges can change and flows can be cut off -> Red
• This gives the flow circuit some Logic-Circuit-like properties.

Think of how angles play a role in a Tesla Valve: