Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Visco-Elastic Medium (Aether)

When Aether is considered as a Visco-Elastic medium, with particles bouncing of each other, containing lots of energy, as shown in the above YouTube clip (2min38) … well if in such a medium a spiraled looping such as the Torus or the '8' is placed, and they are given an impulse, then this impulse might be conserved.

The spiraled screw-structure would reduce friction when flowing forward, and an agile rotary system along the path of the looping would act like a ball bearing, make them slippery as an eel, and they would have a continuous momentum, giving them the mechanism to move from one side of the medium to the other side, at a constant speed that is defined by the intensity of the Visco-elasticity of that medium. The ongoing process of action & reaction, push and being pushed, powered by the bouncing particles.