Saturday, August 27, 2011


One way that a spiraled torus would move forward is because of the thrust generated in the center, where the pressure of all the rotating spirals meet. An other option for a larger ring is that the torque at every point along the ring has an opposite force, this keeps the whole ring in balance and generates the tension needed to make the whole ring move forward along its center axis. 

On previous models there where 'scoops' along the torus that generated the spiraled profile. An other way of generating a profile that has grip, is to use a polygon with 3 to N sides, and have it twirling around the ring. Such a twisted profile along with an impulse spin would provide the necessary features to make a hoop move forward through a medium, be it water and air, as in clip with the dolphin below, or Aether and compressed Aether.

The image of the whirlpool below shows how it has a naturally rippled profile due to the structure of the water (medium) and the wind. An entwined Torus could have a similar grip providing profile.