Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Matter vs. Anti-matter

If gravitation is caused by a spinning 8 knot (formed out of squashed together tori), that acts like a little screw 'swimming' away from its origin, and generating a downwards push, than all these gravitational 8-shaped particles would have the same rotational direction (blue). Rotating in the opposite direction (red) wouldn't give them a chance to lift themselves from their generating source, actually they would screw downwards into the mother particle(and perhaps cause damage). This idea would also results in the concept that the universe full of identical spinning particles who travel through the Aether (Vacuum) applying some gravitational force. It would also mean that Matter that spins in an opposite direction wouldn't got a long lifespan as it doesn't go with the flow, leading to the occlusion of Anti-matter in the Universe.