Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Lift and Thrust (1st tryout in water)

A first tryout of the mechanical model in water. This clip is a compilation of 4 clips. Unfortunately the black tub isn't a good setting for visualization, and filming while handling the object at the same time didn't go very well either, so the quality is rather poor.

When switched on, the 'Spiraled Torus' spins around its center axis in a Counter Clock Wise (CCW) direction. When it was on the bottom it didn't lift. I had to pull it a bit and it started to move upwards. To set it back to the bottom, I had to apply some force, so it does generate thrust. Probably the space between the floor and the torus needs to be large enough so a current flow can be generated so the object can lift of the ground (see pic below) similarly to how swifts rarely land on the ground because their short feed, which makes it hard for them to take off.
In the last clip the direction of the current is changed and the object rotates Clock Wise (CW). When placed in the tub the construction moves towards the bottom, once pulled back up onto the surface, it rotated again downwards.