Tuesday, December 28, 2010

From a Single Unit to a Manifestation

As mentioned in the previous post, an Aether would be made up of different sizes of particles. For simulation, in the image above, we take 2 sizes:
A. Small particles that act like Air (dark spots)
B. Groups of smaller A-size particles that are bound together (white spots)

Within the chaotic movement, a particular number of B-size units (particle/body) will start take the lead, due to numeric chance these particles are 'tailed' by other particles that fly in the same direction. While flying through the 'air' a draft mechanism is generated along the tail, strengthening the group. Turbulence will set the limitations to the size of the tail. Multiple B-size unit's with a tail, that fly in the same direction, and with the similar velocity can get entangled and form braids, bundling their energy and forming a stronger structure. Over time s chain-reaction of events has lead to the manifestation of a larger body.

As mentioned in the previous post, leading particles collide all the time with  other B-size particles, but the fist particle in line, will take over the lead and the formation of a structure can continue to the point that a closed circuit, with enough compositional strength to withstand destruction, has taken shape. The size of bodies is dependent on the density of the air and the collision impact with its relatives, this can lead to the setting where a more energetic environment generates more bodies.

The demo above of Artificial Life creatures (critters) might be a good starting point for a simulation method for Aether. Instead of critters that eat food to survive, I 'd like to suggest forward moving particles with a gradual drafting area in the shape of an xmas three that represents the levels of suction, tailing behind the leading particle and acting as an energy reservoir (belly). The Tail could start to take a more bent form depending on the distribution within.