Monday, December 13, 2010

Electron - Toroidal

As always you are never alone, recently I've been discovering similar ideas to mine, here is a paper by J.G. Williamson and M.B van der Mark: Is the electron a photon with toroidal topology? 

"The primary reason that the electron is considered to be elementary is that experimentally it appears to be point-like and hence structureless. At the same time we are confronted with the fact that it has a rich set of properties which are fundamental to its nature. It has an elementary charge, a half-integral spin, a definite mass, a well de ned dipole moment, an anomalous spin factor g-2 and of course a wave-particle nature. It seems inappropriate to think about such things as the elementary charge as a separate building block from the elementary particle which carries it. A deeper understanding requires a unification of the aspects discussed above in terms of an underlying principle." (pdf)

Spiraling closed infinite loops: the (8) and a double loop trivial knot that also resembles to a trefoil-knot and its Torus