Monday, November 29, 2010

Proton - Trefoil-knot - Torus - Tornado

A Trefoil-knot, build up out of a spiraling closed circuit, would have an infinite internal flow, in a medium where there are no other forces other than density. The three 'loops' of the knot can be seen as the blades of one propellor, that rotate around the center axis, and that has a passage in the middle. This formation generates a torus like current that spirals and flows through each individual loop. Such a running Torus in combination with the propellor motion of the blades/loops, works like a turbine that sucks matter through it's core. A tornado that generates a positive charge (+).

The loops of the Trefoil-knot might also work as a tripod, keeping the whole thing 'grounded' and in balance, this in contrast to a 'stand alone' Torus with an inner spiraling flow. Such an object would start spinning in all directions, being unstable, and having eventually no real suction power, zero charge (0), or perhaps a Torus on its own might be a Lepton. See short clip below, of the rotating optical illusion.