Sunday, November 28, 2010

Force & Energy

The cube (x^3) on the left stands for a vertical and horizontal expansion,
the rectangle on the right stands for only a horizontal expansion (x^2).

Force or energy is going with or against the flow, pushing or pulling, driving along or against, accelerating or slowing down, it all depends from which point you obseve the interaction. Force originates from one, or multiple points that work together and can be seen as one. 

For F=ma^2 (note: I have taken here the wrong formula, I meant Galileo's simple "Distance=time^2") the force increases over time within a square during which an object is attracted (falls).  If we look at the (8) as a formation that propagates with each axial turn, an equal forward propagation, like the 'pitch' of a bolt (fastener). When we imagine an emitted stream of these 8's, that screw matter towards its origin, than we see that there is only a horizontal wave interaction between parallel streams, with each rotary spin of the 'blades', while there is no force acted on a (8)-particles in-front or behind. If there was an a force in a vertical up or down direction, there would be a cubic forcefield, and particles could not be emitted, also Galileo's law would have been Distance=time^3 (F=ma^3).

If we look at the falling apple, it accelerates because the force-field-density, of streams of 8's increases, every time the apple is screwed downwards, by these emmited spiralling streams of 8's, that move upward (pitch) away from gravity source.

For E=mc^2 the starting point is light itself, 1 rotational cycle of an 8-particle and its perpendicular wave (((8))), generates a pitch that is equal to 1 forward movement oo -> oo. The speed of the (8) is constant because of the infinite cyclic inner-movement, it is a closed-circuit-helix-like-formation that is driven by it's own inner spiraling domino effect. 

Energy increases each time the mass (formation or volume) of an object increases within the Aether, generating more emission power because of its friction, 8-bubbles generating behavior. The Energy increases in the same way gravitational force works because vertically the 8-bubbles follow each other, with equal speed, and the way they slipstream (draft), moving away from the 8-bubbles-generating-source, the area covered becomes topographically larger at the same rate the volume or mass becomes bigger. 

If we look at atomic fission or fusion, Energy is generated because the total volume is redivided at the lowest level generating an bubble-interaction-fest that has an expansion speed that is enormous due to origin size and density.

Note: The period, T s, of a pendulum swing (length l m) in a region of acceleration due to gravity, g ms^-2, is independent of the mass of the bob. T = 2π(l/g)^1/2 as Galileo observed.
T (seconds) = 2π (dimensionless) x square root of (l (metres) divided by g (metres per second^2))
The square root of something of dimension second^2 has dimension seconds.