Monday, September 28, 2009

Electron Fields (8) and Nucleus (Triksel-ion)

E=mc² is all about rotation and centripetal force generating energy: the electron fields, volumes or shells (8) are generated by the nucleus (Triksel-ion). Mass is equal to surface (or volume), and linear "speed of light" is created by velocity.

Energy = Surface . Sines
Electron Spheres: 2 Sines (8) -> E=mc²
Nucleus: 3 Sines (T) -> E=mc³

Both are in balance with each other:

Surface of a sphere = 4.π.r²
10 = 3 π = π²
Rule of 5 -> r is always half of d (1/2) -> r = 5

Quantum model of a sodium atom

"Space Time" is like a Screw, it's all about velocity twist and turn 360°.