Saturday, September 26, 2009

Theory of Chaos

The graphics below are reconstructed "phase portrait" of regular flow in the Taylor-Couette system. These are representations based on the flow of water by Professor David J. Tritton. The flow of electricity might be similar.

In this model the string rotates along the sphere in one direction, in mine the string goes into 2 opposite directions, creating contrasting motion and opposite magnetic fields.

Images above by Dr. Gerd Pfister, University of Kiel Germany

The images below are simulations of random fractal called a - diffusion limited aggregate - it produces fern-like shapes that model lightning and other natural phenomena. Please have a look at the examples of the remarkable patterns produced by non-Euclidean limit sets, and compare them to my hypothesis of the flow of electricity at topic: Organisation of Flow - Electric Currency

Images are from Nina Hall's book: "The New Scientist" Guide to CHAOS