Monday, October 24, 2011

Light passing through (U-turn vs. Tumble)

How do photons move from a object towards your eye without being obstructed by light coming from other directions? The answer could be fairly simple as each photon is a very small object that moves super fast, it could be like crosstown traffic where the vibrations of one photon compresses the Aether perpendicularly, blocking all photons that come from the side for a fraction while itself passes through, and creating a sort of red-light system, priority (right of way).

In the case of an 8-knot the generated blocking wave would be only a thin strip. A color-photon (red) could be like a flock build up out of many basic-photons (planck scale) all the flocks should be able to move through each other without any observable disturbances.

The only question that remains is, how can two opposite photons move through each other? Here the 8-particle has some interesting properties, the perpendicular the strip-like vibrational wave that goes along with rotation, leaves an open funnel in the front of the oo<< whereby two opposing particles can get close without being blocked oo<>oo. Next, the 8-particle with its U-shape arches, gives the opportunity for two photons to entangle without touching each other, and without occupying too much extra space. So they could either Tumble over each other, and move on.

Or they could hook into each other, make a U-Turn, and the two colliding photons could leave the entanglement back into the direction from where they came, giving the impression that they passed through each other, like a swimmer that makes a turn when he flips over, and continues to swim forward.