Friday, April 29, 2011

Matter - Anti - Matter

When small spinning toruses combine and form a pile that twists, bends and eventually bites its tail to form a new larger Torus, than the direction of the curls can go in two directions in relation to the rotation of the base structure; Clock-Wise (CW) or Anti-Clock-Wise (ACW). This function is an addition to the 4  movement that come into play:

a. The individual toruses spin around their axis.
b. The group (basis) rotates around its axis, a small shift generates the twists CW or ACW.
c. The newly generated Torus, spins around its axis in CW or ACW direction.
d. The torus winds and crawls forward thanks to the bindings.

When comparing the CW and ACW motion this is where the formation can become an electron (-) or a positron (+) Matter or Anti-Matter.