Wednesday, December 8, 2010


I 've been wondering how a torus-propellor could generate a Ring-shaped orbital, without being stretched out, this led me to think of 3 possible scenario's:
  1. A sphere that is squeezed down by the upper- and lower proton spheres. It would leave a ring at the outer side were the electron can flow. A membrane type of connection between the ring and the central driving force (torus) would remain.
  2. A torus that is perpendicular possitioned out of the center and who's beam/current is curved around the center of mass.
  3. A torus that keeps it spherish current but that is pushed to the outside and that spins around the center of gravity.
Perhaps all 3 options are possible, perhaps none, anyway I still got a lot of learn about the proton and electron interactions in an atom. btw check out James Maxwell's paper on the nature of Saturn's rings, and the recent discovery of a giant ring around the planet.