Saturday, December 18, 2010

Electric Current and Lines of Force

Electric current spirals along the conductor, because the protons that make up the nuclei of the atoms have a spiraling motion, when emitting and passing along electrons, these electrons have a spin and that makes'm roll from atom to atom, along the surface of the conductor.

A curled up wire, generates a pressure field within the 'coil', this jams up the flow of electrons. Like a squeezed lemon produces juice, the squeezed electrons produce magnetic particles that flow along the direction of the current and generating Lines of force. Magnetic induction happens when changing pressure. The 8-shaped bodies that have a closed pressure field, flight just straight through everything.

For a Solar body the Torus-current system, that produces magnetic lines of force, can be seen in the Pulsar that remains after a the explosion of a Super Nova.