Tuesday, December 21, 2010


A Torus that generates a sphere-like field around itself, with a suction power (+ potential) attracts smaller bodies and repels larger bodies.

Two bodies with the same size, will either rotate along each other combining some inner current, and attracting each other, or draft behind each other, rotating in the same direction. If surrounding pressure increases, these 2 particles could be pushed to form a formation that generates a new but more stretched sphere-like energy field, these could pile up … a second option is that multiple bodies line up forming a group and merge thanks to combining currents, generating an increased pressure on their own formation. They'll wind up, having a very synchronous motion without 'windage', generating a Torus of a new size with a more powerful suction power, "the power of the whole is bigger than its parts".

By joining multiple Toruses the current flow that normally goes through and around each individual Torus is devised in 2 currents: a streamlined fast flowing inner current, and a new Global current that is perpendicular to the torus. During each step of this evolutionary process the group entity is similar to the single parts that build it up, it is fractelicious.