Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Energy Balance: Speed of Light

A body moving through Aether with a to high speed, would place to much pressure on the Aether in front. It would tighten the Aether in front which in turn would prevent the object from drilling it's way through. A body with too little energetic movement, would not have enough force to loosen the Aether in front and can not pass through. The only way of passing through an Aether is by having exact the right constant speed, that is why electromagnetic movement always happens at the speed of light.

An spiraling Torus works just like a worm eating its way through a hard soil. But the most balanced and elegant composition is that of an 8-formation that screws it's way forward. It has the streamlined composition to divide incoming and outgoing Aether in a perfect symmetrical way.

A cool and a bit of a spiritual thing is that the spiraling (8) has the form of the yin-yang symbol. The same symbol was used by Niels Bohr in his 'coat of arms' when he was a member of the prestigious Danish Order of the Elephant. He envisioned the symbol as a striking traditional representation of the principle of complementarity on which he based his views of the fundamental laws of physics (Source: www.numericana.com )