Sunday, January 9, 2011

Nuclear Fission

In nature, if you put two rings close behind each other in a flowing river there is one turbulence field behind the rings that generate a pressure field. If you spilt the 2 rings apart they will generate 2 turbulence fields and generate tension in-between that pushes them further apart to a position where they no longer are disturbed by each others field.

If you have 2 torus rings that spiral and generate a flow in Aether, and that are closely bonded together producing one harmonious flow. Than a similar event will happen when you split them apart. They will each push the other a way while generating their own singular current field.

This inflation event might be representative for atomic fission where an unstable nucleus, build up out of multiple protons and neutrons, is divided into separate parts that both generate separate energy fields of which the total is much larger that when they are closely bonded. Because this happens at the smallest physical scales, the expansion rate is enormous and the 'blast' very powerful.