Saturday, September 26, 2009

Protons - Quarks

Protons, the center of the atom, within the electron-field, might be build up out of an (8) with a Triskel on top that connects 3 sine-waves. This triple helix was something that Linus Pauling worked on in his quest to DNA,  prior to the Double Helix of Watson and Crick. 

This format creates 2 up and one down quark, but actually it is one string-formation where 2 sines go in the same direction and one in the oposite direction.

This resambles the modern scientific view of protons, where quarks are represented as single particles, 2 up and one down quark.

This triksel (T) could work as a directional hold on, to steer the electron-field. It also corresponds with the weight of atoms:

A short clip of how to construct a triskel (T) and (8) string formation, with some iron wire or your hands:

Quanta are Prrrrrotjes ; )