Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gravity Ray's and Star Dust (Dark Matter)

Either stardust is all there is and energy flows through it, or everything is formed out of bundles of stardust kept together by energy.

Gravity could be a field of emitted Stardust Particles or energy bundles that form concentrated vortices at regular distances. These turbulence spots, perhaps (8) balls, generate a downward spiral rotation that "screw" elements down to the ground, opposite to their beaming away direction.

A field of these vortices containing-rays, is build up out of a maze with an even number, to avoid contrasting rotation. For example a 6-cornered maze like a beehive, or squares otherwise to generate flow and avoid friction. Non-Emitted loose elements are pulled to the ground.

The emitted rays of stardust particles are like wires of a piece of cloth (see image below of silk warping"), who create turbulence knots at regular distances depending on the speed and the frequency they are emitted. They form a maze of gravity fields. The places where knots from different directional fields interlink, proton-like triskel vorticies of energy fields can be joined together, attracting stardust, to form electrons that spiral around the generated core.

Stardust-Turbulences could be the origin of Atoms:

These rays setup a framework of stardust (dark-matter) wherein all energy flows, and is passed along.

The generated field would be similar to this rotating diamond but spherical:

Transition field of inter connected Stardust fields: