Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Atomic Shells

A fractal structure concept for an branched Atomic Shell system (2-8-18-32) that generates a tree of electron 'leaves' with multiple echelons to process or absorb incoming photons in an photosynthetic way. All the rotating electrons are rotating in a synchrony set-up, and can bounce around. In the heart there is a nucleus of protons made out of quarks in a trefoil knot binding, that exchange bosonic gluons and that has a flow generating core in the middle, the flow of these cores are bundled into one glass wire type of canal network, holding everything in balance. The dynamics of this should be seen as a 'horn-section' where photons are puffs of air (containers), sucked in and blown out. It is all about the music baby : )

In the beginning of this clip, you can also see how electricity spilts 'fractal-wise' up in two threads.